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Fizzy Raspberry and Apple Punch for Kids

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  • Prep 3 min
  • Total 20 min
  • Ingredients 4
  • Servings 4
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Punch is a traditional drink at the end of year holidays. It is served hot, and sometimes it’s also served with wine. However, we shouldn’t forget that children are also part of our holiday parties, so this recipe is for them too. This fizzy raspberry and apple punch is sweet and cold. It’s also very colorful and eye-catching, so it’s perfect for the little ones. You only need a few ingredients and it will be ready in only a few minutes.
by Silvia Martinez
Updated Dec 19, 2016
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  • 1 cup fresh raspberries
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 cup mineral water (cold)
  • 1 (25.4 oz.) bottle apple cider, without alcohol (cold)


  • 1
    Combine the raspberries with the sugar in a pot and heat over medium-high heat.
  • 2
    While stirring, mix until the raspberries melt completely and the sugar dissolves.
  • 3
    Turn off the heat and let it cool down for five minutes. Strain the mixture to get rid of the raspberry seeds.
  • 4
    Pour 1 1/2 tablespoons raspberry sauce into a cup or glass, add 1/4 cup mineral water and finish with 3/4 cup of apple cider, and repeat with all four glasses. Serve immediately.
  • 5
    To save some time, you can mix all of the ingredients in a jar.

Expert Tips

  • tip 1
    If it’s not raspberry season, use frozen raspberries in the same amount as specified in the recipe.
  • tip 2
    Put the mineral water and cider bottle in the fridge a day before making the punch to make sure they will be cold.

Nutrition Information

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