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Father’s Day Recipes

Father cooking breakfast for his wife and child in the kitchen

Whether you call him pop, pa’, dad, or apá, we all agree: papá is truly one of a kind. But the truth is that our big familias are sometimes full of “dads.” From the abuelitos who keep our traditions going strong, to our uncles, padrinos, older brothers, and even teachers and coaches whose footsteps we’re proud to follow.

This Father’s Day let’s celebrate all our mentors the best way Qué Rica Vida knows how: with their favorite Father’s Day dishes! From recipes for meat lovers and delicious pasta creations to home-cooked delicacies featuring their favorite seafaring flavors, we have all the recipes to delight them and make their day extra special.

¡Felicidades, papás!

For the Meat Lover

Some dads just can’t live without a hearty helping of their favorite carne. These Father’s Day-inspired beef and pork recipes are sure to hit the spot for all the meat loving dads in your fam!

A Spicy Latin Twist on Pasta

This is not your typical pasta! With a flavorful kick and lots of spice, these dad-approved pasta recipes will have him asking for seconds on his special day.

Seafood? ¡Sí, por favor!

For many dads, the nostalgic flavors of the sea are a great way to honor and celebrate their traditions. Your dad’s heart is sure to be the catch of the day with these home cooked seafood delights!

Sabor All Day Long

Looking for the perfect appetizer for your Father’s Day celebration? Check out these fresh snack and hearty breakfast recipes that are sure to brighten his special day.