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Delicious Empanada Recipes For Every Occasion

Empanadas are an incredibly versatile dish that you can easily make any time of day. These delicate yet crispy pastries can be sweet or savory, fried or baked, and though they’re uniquely made around the world, they’re always home to delicious ingredients wrapped in dough. After all, that’s what empanada means! These turnovers with a flakey crust often have a half-moon shape, and their crimped edge tucks in endless combinations of delicioso fillings.

Craft these pastry marvels in your own kitchen using these Latino classics and fusion-inspired empanada recipes. Whether you're searching for authentic empanada recipes, exploring how to make empanadas from scratch, experimenting with various empanada fillings, or simply seeking the perfect empanada recipe, we've got you covered. Don’t forget to rate and review too, we want to know which pockets of flavor brought your table mucha alegría.