Decorated Candy Apple Skulls

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Decorated Candy Apple Skulls
  • Prep 15 min
  • Total 30 min
  • Ingredients 4
  • Servings 8

Celebrate Halloween with these fun candy apple skulls! Everyone will love this sweet snack. These apple skulls are covered in a cream cheese frosting and are so easy to make that even children can help prepare them! You’ll only need chocolate chips and a plastic bag, and your children will have so much fun decorating their apple skulls. Prepare and serve these apple skulls as a snack after school or use them as part of your Día de Muertos altar. MORE + LESS -


green apples (Granny Smith)
jar (16 oz.) Betty Crocker™ ready-to-spread cream cheese frosting
cup chocolate chips
plastic bag (for sandwiches)


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    Remove the aluminum lid in the frosting jar. Melt the frosting in the microwave for 30 seconds. Pour the frosting into a small bowl.
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    Soak the apples, one at a time, in the melted frosting until they’re completely covered. Put the apples on a baking tray covered in wax paper. Let them stand for at least 15 minutes.
  • 3
    Melt the chocolate chips in a small bowl for about 30 seconds. Pour the chocolate into a small plastic bag. Make a small cut into the bag’s corner. Decorate the apples as skulls.
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Expert Tips

  • Change the look of your skulls by using chocolate frosting and white chocolate chips when decorating.

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