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Desserts to Celebrate the Holidays, Navideño Style

The holiday season is the most dessert-rich time of the year, and with so many options for what to make, we hope you’ll opt for delicious Latin-inspired treats and postres. These sweet and refreshing recipes will let you bring un toque especial to the standard cookies you see left for Santa year after year. Celebrate your Nochebuena, Posadas or Christmas Day with these holiday desserts that deliver sabor Navideño to everyone gathering at your fiestas.

Holiday Desserts Inesperados

Skip a cookie or cake and let your community taste authentic Latino sweetness with these hints of dulce de leche, atole, flan and more!

Traditional Latin Christmas Cookies

From polvorones, to spice-led buñelos or alfajores, these galletas are the perfect place to start your cookie platters.

Christmas Cakes with a Latin Twist

Why just let them eat cake, when they could eat delicious Christmas cakes served with a touch of Latinidad? Try a remixed panettone, trés leches red velvet, dulce de leche cake or even a Caribbean take on cheesecake!

Try All Our Christmas Dessert Recipes