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A Fusion of Cultures and Flavors to Celebrate Independence

A group of Hispanic men and women laughing and throwing confetti as they celebrate outdoors.

Honor your country's Independence with a mouthwatering feast.

Embark on a flavorful journey to celebrate not just U.S. independence, but also the independence of Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, and Colombia. Give new life to your traditions with these creative summer mash-ups that blend the delicious recipes of your home country with American favorites.

Venezuela: Gaitas & Sabor

 Arepas with Venezuelan Chicken Salad;  Slow-Cooker BBQ Pulled Pork

Celebrate the vibrant flavors of Venezuelan food and America’s classic barbecue with delicious pulled pork arepas sliders. You can prepare the BBQ pulled pork ahead of time and simply use it as the mouthwatering relleno for your arepas the day of the feast! This irresistible combo ignites a tasty spark of joy and pride, celebrates Venezuelan traditions and is perfect for summer parties.

Argentina: A Fiery Tango

  Chimichurri Sauce; Blue Cheese Burgers

Fire up the grill and switch up the condiments for the classic American burger with the iconic Chimichurri sauce often used in Argentinian food. As you you top the perfectly grilled patty with a generous dollop of Chimichurri, the vibrant sauce will infuse the succulent meat with an irresistible blend of zesty, herbal notes. This smokey masterpiece will leave everyone at your summer cookout craving more!

Colombia: A Parranda Full of Flavor

Bandeja Paisa; Cornbread

Celebrate the richness of Colombian food and culture by combining American comfort food with Colombia’s national dish. Picture a bountiful bandeja paisa, featuring grilled meats, beans, rice, fried eggs, ripe plantains, and arepas. Ahora, let’s complete this feast with a side of homemade Southern-style cornbread. A new tradition is born!

Peru: Seafood Bliss

Peruvian Ceviche Mixto with Sweet Potato; bowl of tortilla chips

Peruvian food is treasured worldwide and considered a Cultural Heritage of the Americas. Embrace the fusion of cultures and elevate your guest's taste buds with a fresh Peruvian ceviche, paired perfectly with the satisfying crunch of your favorite tortilla chips!

July is the perfect month to explore, blend and discover new cultures with summer recipes that celebrate so many wonderful countries across the Americas. We bet your family and friends will be asking for them for years to come.