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Lights, Flavors and Action! Recipes to Honor Latino Stars

An African American man and woman wearing flannel shirts, sitting on a couch in front of a coffee table with a tray of food, inside a brick dwelling.
Time to binge and savor delights from our countries

Latino flavor is everywhere, and the silver screen is no exception. An out-of-this-world Chilean actor conquering galaxies. A talented Boricua-Mexican actress enchanting the world with her spooky dance moves and style. Their unique Latino heritage brings that je ne sais quoi-center stage.

Here are a few crowd-pleasing, fan-cheering dishes inspired by the nominated performers that you can make at home to celebrate our Latino heritage, con sabor.

Beyond-the-Galaxies Chilean Recipes

Mix in a bit of charm, talent and amazing bites. Then line up your ingredients and get ready to showcase quick and full-of-flavor recipes.

The No-Outcasts Crew: Puerto Rican and Mexican Sabores

She may play an outcast on the hit TV series but the US-born Boricua-Mexican actress creates the perfect mix of representation for every young Latina with big dreams.

Now, can we get a standing ovation for these award-worthy recipes paving the way through the flavors, colors and textures of Latino culture? And of course, let’s cheer our nominated actors for their memorable performances that make us all proud.