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10 Flavorful Fall Squash Recipes

Cutting board with diced pumpkin and knife next to it, surrounded by leafy greens, sliced mushrooms, whole carrots, cherry tomatoes, half cut acorn. Everything is placed on a dark tabletop.

As the leaves begin their vibrant transition to the colors of fall, squash takes the spotlight as the star of the cocina. With its nutty taste, tender texture and a touch of natural sweetness, squash provides endless opportunities to create dishes that are as visually appealing as they are delicious.

From Latino style soups, to pizza with queso cotija, and even as a dessert in sopapillas, squash offers a burst of color, flavor, and vibrancy to every dish.

Share these diverse squash recipes con los tuyos and enjoy the colors and flavors of fall.

Top 10 Squash Recipes