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4 Tips for Throwing the Best Holiday Fiesta Latina

There are a million ways to throw a holiday party, and in the Latino community, everyone brings their own seasonal twist a la mesa. This year, we’re giving you 4 fun and easy tips to bring Latin sabor to the fiesta, para todos.

Tip 1: Start Small, with Canapés

Good things come in small packages, and a Christmas party with canapés feels elevated and chic, even if you don’t use passed trays to serve them. These bite sized Latin finger foods will wow the whole party, and many of them are super easy to put together. Try our favorite Latin-inspired appetizer recipes this year!

Tip 2: Craft a Cocktail to Match the Menu

No matter what you’re serving, flavorful Christmas batch cocktail recipes will turn your average party into a true fiesta. A Latin remix on classic eggnog or cider will make guests feel like they’ve wandered into an elite cantina. Start with our Latin inspired holiday cocktail ideas below, they’ll make everyone want to raise a glass and say “¡salud!”

Tip 3: Make Dessert a Grand Finale

It’s not really a fiesta without holiday party desserts! Though friends and family might be expecting an average galleta para dejarle a Santa, giving the last course some extra TLC will leave a lasting impression. Add un toque especial with these Latin fiesta dessert ideas that will make them never want to leave.

Tip 4: Make the Decor Delicious

There’s nothing more thrilling than having unique fiesta decorations that both look good and taste good. These Latin inspired decor ideas all make the spread look beautiful. They’ll also disappear by the end of the night thanks to their delicioso edible ingredients.