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Navi Like a Local, Put some FLA in your X-MAS

Que Rica Vida - Navi like a local, put some fla in your xmas

The way Latino communities turn up around the holidays is always cien de cien. And we’re celebrating all that Navideño magic by bringing you Navi Like a Local, a series that explores the regional holiday traditions of communities across the country.

Why don’t we start down near Magic City? Home to Latino influences like Puerto Rican flair, Cuban richness and Venezuelan gusto, here are a few tasty bites of Florida’s holiday ways.

Let it snow… somewhere else!

This place may not often see a white Christmas, but they’re 100% bringing the heat when it comes to holiday fun. Temperatures in December are in the mid 70’s, leading parents to tell tales of Santa having a copy of the front door key instead of coming down the chimney. Should the temperature happen to dip below 65 degrees, everyone plays the “winter weather” game, breaking out their boots and scarves to sip cocoa on the street.

A Christmas fest, just for us

Each year the Festival de Aguinaldo fills the city of Bartow with arts and culture to celebrate the season. Originally practiced as a masquerade ball in Spain, the event brings to life Latin Christmas customs through a carnival-inspired adventure. It’s free and fun for all ages.

Serve up next level Nochebuena

Nochebuena celebrations in Florida feature a more-than-you-should-ever-eat feast, and they almost always include a Lechón magnifico. This whole roasted pig requires major prep, often becoming a family ritual that stretches from picking the pig, to a day full of seasoning. We’ve even got some favorite ways to remezcla tu plato Navideño this holiday season. Let us know how it goes with a rate, or a review!