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Navi Like a Local, Hagalo Tejano

Navi Like a Local - Hagalo Tejano

The way Latino communities turn up around the holidays is always cien de cien. And we’re celebrating all that Navideño magic by bringing you Navi Like a Local, a series that explores the regional holiday traditions of communities across the country.

Let’s take this trip on down to Texas where the whole state was once Mexico itself. They’ve created an entire category that taps into those roots, but “Tex-Mex” is so much more than just food. Let’s scope out how the lone estrella state gets five stars when it comes to bringing Latin sabor to the holidays.

Ride ‘em Vaquero.

Those iconic boots and hats we love in cowboy culture were actually born back in the 1800’s with the Tejano vaqueros. These OG cattle ranchers, who brought about Tex-Mex cuisine as an answer to their need for generous portions of flavorful food, are at the heart of Texas culture. Back in the day Christmas “on the range” included a shivaree-like procession with the sole purpose of causing a huge commotion. And today, we see Tejanos carry the same go big or go home attitude all season long.

Deck the halls with…barbed wire!?

In addition to the classic bold Poinsettias (aka la Flor de Nochebuena) and the soft light luminarias Tejanos adorn their homes with, there’s an unexpected element at play. Tejanos will also create barbed wire wreaths to capture the season! Its naturally coiled shape lends itself to decor, and it stamps the home with orgullo ranchero imagery through each and every circle.

Big state, big plates.

The beauty of Tex-Mex food is its connection to flavor in abundance. This means that this delicious cuisine naturally lends itself to satisfying big holiday crowds, in heaping, delicious portions. This year, you might even consider serving up a Nochebuena feast crafted from local eateries' big “Señorita” or “Don” platos, featuring sizzling fajitas and all the fixin’s. Or if you’re ready to dive in on Tex-Mex in your own kitchen, try these!