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Navi Like a Local, CA Knows How to (Holiday) Party

Que Rica Vida - Navi like a local, CA Knows How to (Holiday) Party

The way Latino communities turn up around the holidays is always cien de cien. And we’re celebrating all that Navideño magic by bringing you Navi Like a Local, a series that explores the regional holiday traditions of communities across the country.

Some say the West coast is the best coast, and though there’s no official research to back that up, we found some incredible proof of SoCal’s ability to holiday-party. Record-setting light displays, mercados aútenticos filled with holiday treats, and a world-famous ability to fuse la rica con la fresca make SoCal an unforgettable place para celebrar.

Get in foodie, we’re going shopping.

Known in Mexico as el tianguis by the indigenous Nahuati-speaking Aztecas, CA boasts one of the largest open-air mercados in the nation, perfect for prepping your holiday menu. With dozens of options in one marketplace for specialty food needs, these Mexican style mercados in California offer everything from a tortilleria and a butcher shop, to pre-made churros. Talk about putting a delicious spin on “holiday shopping.”

Light it up x 500,000

The origin of Christmas lights go as far back as traditional luminarias, acting as a guiding light for the biblical travelers toward Jesus’ birthplace. And, we can say with certainty that no one would lose their way while passing the famous Long Beach Christmas light display. With more than half a million bulbs in action, this extravagancia feels like a cuento de hadas and a truly festive journey, in one. Pssst: they even have a FLOATING Christmas tree in Alamitos Bay!

Rica, I’d like you to meet Fresca

While Tex-Mex might be more commonly known, Cal-Mex has a life of its own. Their twist on traditional Mexican dishes often leans on lighter proteins, grilled preparations, and seasonal ingredients. These remix elements make CA the perfect place for fusion and fresh takes on platos Mexicanos. This holiday season, try a true Cal-Mex take on the treasured holiday recipes you know and love, and let us know if the Golden State is truly golden.