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Recetas con Huevo

From Appetizers to Desserts: Create Delicious Dishes with Eggs

Eggs are so versatile that they can be enjoyed at any time of day.

Easy and Creative Salads

Easy and Creative Salads!

When I think of a salad, I think of something very fresh and tasty that combines flavors and textures, a complement to make for a perfect and delicious meal, or something that I can simply eat by itself.

Turkey Safety

Safety Tips to Help you Prepare Your Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving is a special day when we get to reunite with friends and family to celebrate over food and be grateful for everything we have.


How to Make the Most of Leftover Halloween Candy

Each and every year I buy way too much candy for Halloween. Even when I try and cut down from the previous year, somehow I still have tons left over.


Traditional American Recipes with a Latin Twist

Many consider mac and cheese, burgers, fries and hot dogs to be some of the most traditional dishes in the U.S. But if you visit this country, you will see that there are also many other popular dishes. After living


Kitchen Tips for Cooking with Ease

Many of us have often wished for someone to come up with a way to make our lives easier in the kitchen. Fortunately, we have the wisdom of the women who’ve been in our shoes before: our mothers and grandmothers.

Cocción Lenta

Nice and Slow: Slow Cooker Tips and Chicken Recipes

I have always loved cooking my family’s favorite meals; I even love the challenge of preparing a yummy buffet for get-togethers and reunions.


Get Creative in the Kitchen with Mason Jars

Mason jars seem to be all the rage these days. I remember being in a friend’s office a few years ago and watching her casually drink her iced coffee out of a large mason jar.

Enhance the Flavor of Meat with Marinating Sauces

Enhance the Flavor of Meat with Marinating Sauces

In my native Argentina, some of the best times with family and friends are spent by the grill.

5 Consejos e Ideas para Hacer Aguas Frescas

5 Tips and Ideas for Making Fresh Waters

Aguas frescas (fresh waters) are traditional beverages of Mexican cuisine. They are consumed all year long, though they’re more popular in the hot summer months, since you’re supposed to drink them very cold.

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How to Make Kiwi and Strawberry Paletas

Making your own homemade popsicles, or paletas, is a budget-friendly way to keep you and your family cool in the …

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