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Let's Celebrate lo Rico de la Vida
The world of Latino food is as tasty and diverse as the more than 20 countries that represent it. From perfectly seasoned Mexican Chilaquiles in the heart of Los Angeles to crispy Cuban croquetas in Miami’s Little Havana, from kitchen tables to lunchboxes and traditional festivals across the county, the spirit of Latin food culture embrace us every day. And behind each and every one of those tasty bites, there’s the story of a person, a family, a community and a passionate tale of heritage, pride, celebration and success. At Qué Rica Vida we’ve made our mission to uncover and celebrate the best of Latino food culture in the United States.

Inspiration and Solutions

Whether you’re looking for the latest in food trends, seeking insight from renowned Latin chefs, or want step-by-step instructions to make exceptional Latin dishes, you’ll find it here at QueRicaVida.com—along with the best food-related tips, inspiration and entertainment that we can provide.

For us, daily home cooking should not be a chore but a pleasure shared with your family. Knowing that time is a constraint, we are constantly adding new ideas for quick-and-easy dinners that never sacrifice taste. And we’ve made sure to include healthy dishes and tips for a balanced lifestyle.

Food, Family & Amigos

We’ve assembled a unique team of Latina editors and contributors to bring you carefully crafted food stories, videos, recipes and tools to enjoy and share with your friends.

Experience of Latin food culture through editor Mónica Giraldo while food lovers Alejandra Chaparro, Adriana Martín, Melissa Cueto, Millie Acebal Roseau and Morena Cuadra share some of the best-kept secrets in recipes, new products, restaurants and events from every Latin country.

From Peruvian Ceviche to Puerto Rican Mofongo, from Mexican tacos to Argentinian Alfajores and everything in between, we’ve got it covered!  And to top it off, you are invited to become an active part of this special community along with our guest celebrities, resident contributors and Latinas just like you.

Products, coupons, events y más

Not only do we strive to bring you the best in Latin food content and useful meal solutions, but our community offers you access to coupons for everyday products, exclusive promotions and invitations to Qué Rica Vida events in your city.  Stay tuned!

Se habla your language

We’ve made Qué Rica Vida easily available in English and Spanish, so depending on your preference you can enjoy the best food content without limitations. Simply click on the language selector at the top of the page and make your choice.  No worries, we’ll ensure words like Paletas and Parrillada stay true to their name (and taste).

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To help you enjoy the best of our content, we’ve made Qué Rica Vida available where and when you want it.

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We truly hope you enjoy el sabor from Qué Rica Vida and make it part of your daily lifestyle. A tu salud!


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