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Ana María Canseco and the Start of Un Nuevo Día

For Ana María Canseco, “Un Nuevo Día,” the Telemundo show she joined as hostess on September 9, is literally a new awakening, a new morning, a new beginning and a new life opportunity.

“I consider myself very lucky because I had a job I loved and enjoyed. I was born for this. It lasted some time. But there’s a time for everything, and I’m very thankful for what I had. To be given a second opportunity to again do what you most love and enjoy, I’m thankful to God, to the Universe, to everyone, for believing in me and having faith in me.”

As part of this Mexican hostess’ new awakening, her days begin with green smoothies. “Every morning I make a shake with lettuce, spinach, pear, banana, apple and celery. It gives me lots of energy.”

These shakes along with organic food give her a very slender figure. However, Canseco said that trying to follow an organic diet can be a little expensive, and she shared some tips for sticking to a budget.

“I would usually buy a bunch of things and everything would go bad in the refrigerator. But now I buy little by little and don’t let anything go to waste. For example, I only buy the apples I’m going to eat.”

Another interesting point and good alternative when it comes to fresh products is the local markets.

“When it’s not organic, I try for it to be as fresh as possible from the farmers,” said the hostess, adding that she loves the experience because choosing fruits and vegetables under these circumstances is fun, and she actually has her favorite spots in Miami, Los Angeles and San Antonio, Texas.

I immediately thought of this city, San Antonio, Texas, where I lived a long time, a city with amazing cultural and gastronomic richness.

Canseco mentioned that her whole family actually lives in San Antonio, Texas.

“I’m the only one who lives in Miami. But we communicate by phone and we talk every day, three or four times. Distance is not an issue when you have a phone, especially nowadays that you can start your camera and ask them what they’re doing,” said Canseco.

The “Un Nuevo Día” hostess said that when she travels to San Antonio, she can’t go without visiting the popular “Mi Tierra” Tex-Mex restaurant.

“Those nachos, the enchiladas, the margaritas, they have thousands of calories but it doesn’t matter, you enjoy it very much, and the chips, with salsa and cheese.”

We went from chips to arroz con leche (rice pudding) and her childhood in Mexico.

“When the rice is cooking and you add the cinnamon and sugar, that smell reminds me so much of my grandmother. Her cooking was so, so good.”

At times, nostalgia sets in when far away from home, and a familiar dish becomes the best remedy.

“Every time I feel like comfort food, I make myself a soup. A noodle, alphabet or star soup.”

Many things enrich the life of this charismatic woman and become unforgettable moments “Qué Rica Vida” style.

“Every now and then I cook something special. For example, mole. Cutting, chopping and preparing the roasted chilies relaxes me. I really like it and it enriches my life.”

She also includes her friends during these special moments.
“A meal with friends, a glass of wine, fix the world, laugh out loud.”

And, of course, she keeps the moments she spends with her family in her mind and in her heart.

“For my sister to share photos of my nephew’s first day of school.”

She said she has four pets at home: two little Chihuahuas (Chacha and Tequilo), a schnauzer (Tango) and a parakeet (Boris). “These animals really enrich your life because they depend on you and get so excited every time they see you.”

Lastly, Canseco shared one of her greatest secrets for looking beautiful and radiant. “Never lose faith and always have a smile on your face. God’s timing is always perfect.”

Photo courtesy of DDPixels/Telemundo

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