An Eggceptionally Humorous Look at Life
An Eggceptionally Humorous Look at Life

Anecdotes of daily life, memories of jokes from school or work, parodies of current political or social events, characters that sometimes reflect stereotypes and sometimes don’t. These are the ingredients for Huevocartoon, a website with animations that revolve around eggs, which since 2002 have become beloved because people always identify with them. This is the hallmark that, according to Carlos Zepeda—one of the site’s founders—sets them apart and has led them on the path to success.

When asked about the origin of this successful idea, Zepeda said the project was born as a website and as the result of different wishes: “It was born from the wish to publish the things we liked best: animation with a spicy, Latino humor; the wish to explore our vocations; and the wish to create a product we could market and crystallize into a business.”

Zepeda mentioned that initially, many more characters were created: mariachis, parodies of TV characters, clowns and more. “The first thing that came about was the name of the website: huevocartoon. The name was chosen among several ideas, because it was simple, memorable and made reference to the double meaning that the word ‘huevo’ [egg] has in many countries. Since we already had the name huevocartoon, eggs got drawn and became the main characters for the first cartoons.”

A few months after the site was launched, they had a massive and unexpected wave of visitors. It was so huge that they had to close the website and reconsider the technology, because they weren’t prepared for so much traffic. A little later, they reopened with new strategies.

Although originally the concept was developed for teenagers and adults, Huevocartoon now has offerings for everyone. “Huevocartoon” still has its spicy humor for young people and adults, without being offensive to anyone. “Huevokids” focuses on children, while “huevo duro” (hard-boiled egg) is for a more open-minded adult public.

In the short-term, they’re working on the last movie of the saga of Toto, Willy and Tocino. It’s the third egg movie. Then, they’ll make more animated movies, but with different characters. At the same time, they’re working on TV shows.

For Zepeda and his partners, there are no secrets to their success. He said the company has grown because they have a culture of learning and continuous improvement. They always concern themselves with “how they can do it better.” They really watch the quality. Thanks to this, they’ve reached an elite position within their industry, but that doesn’t mean they’ve gotten to a place where they stopped improving.

“The most important award is dedicating myself to what I like best every day,” said Zepeda. And he added: “Ah, there are so many things that make life good! Family, food, work, rest. Ha, ha, ha. We must enjoy life with many eggs.”

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