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Christmas is a time of introspection, celebration and of course, degustation. Nothing more appropriate than decorating our table with a spectacular fruit centerpiece. By using delicious and colorful fresh fruit we can delight our family and friends’ palate while creating a beautiful and elegant centerpiece that will serve the purpose of dressing our table with joy, refinement, and of course… satisfying all of our guests!

A very important part of the celebration is the decoration of the Christmas table. The following is a step-by-step guide to achieve a delicious and colorful centerpiece:


Fresh fruits: 1 pound strawberries, 6 kiwis, 1 pound grapes, 1 small cantaloupe and peppermint leaves.

Utensils: star-shaped cutters, different sizes, a funnel (made of foam) about a foot tall and a box of toothpicks.

Start with a cute, round tray, preferably with a Christmas theme. You have to stick the base of the funnel to the tray with transparent adhesive tape, to stop it from loosing its balance and falling over under the weight of the fruit. Wash the fruit well, careful not to damage the edges. Slice the kiwi approximately a quarter of an inch width, each.

Fruit Christmas Centerpiece Step 1

Place each fruit (grapes, strawberries and kiwi slices) on one toothpick.

Fruit Christmas Centerpiece Step 2

Then peel the cantaloupe and split in half, using the larger star-shaped cutter, to get an ornament for the top of the tree. With the other part of the cantaloupe, cut small stars to spread throughout the tree.

Fruit Christmas Centerpiece Step 3

Keep in mind you should start the decoration of the tree from the bottom up. The toothpicks should get shorter as you go up, giving a pyramid shape to the centerpiece. With the strawberries, grapes and kiwi slices, decorate the tree in a spiral shape, the same way you do with your Christmas tree.

Fruit Christmas Centerpiece Step 4

Finally, the peppermint leaves give a lot of life and color to your centerpiece and are perfect to fill in the blank spaces between the fruits hiding the funnel.

Fruit Christmas Centerpiece Step 5

Remember that Christmas is the season to reunite with family, and to remember the most beautiful things that happened throughout the year, and to create a special centerpiece that is not only decorative but an enjoyable way to bring your family and loved ones together, especially with some chocolate fondue or caramel on the side. Making this centerpiece is simply a colorful, loving and flavorful experience.

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